The department of history was introduced in the year 1992 with provisional affiliation from NEHU and was able to secure a permanent affiliation in the year 2005 for pass course. Honours course was introduced in the year 2015 with the implementation of semester system.

Sl. No. Honours Elective Elective group (choose any two elective subjects from the group)
1. History Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Elective Language.
Course Structure
Semester Course No. Name of Paper
1st Semester History-04-101 Ancient India
2nd Semester History-44-202 Medieval India
3rd Semester History-44-303 History of Modern India
4th Semester History-44-404 Historiography
5th Semester History-44-505
Modern World (Mid15th Century to World War II)
Contemporary World ( 1945-1991)
6th Semester History-44-607
United States of America (1763-1945)
North East India (1824-1972)

Specific Outcome

  1. To familiarize the students with the broad socio-economic and political developments in Indian sub-continent from the Harappan civilization up to the early Medieval period.
  2. The course offers the trends of developments in the field of economy, polity and society during the Medieval period.
  3. The course is design to introduce the students to the main trends of development in India from the 18th to the 20th century (1757-1947).
  4. To familiarize the students with the developments in the trends of historical writings.
  5. To introduce the students to the major political, social, economic and scientific development in the modern world from the 15th century to the contemporary world.
  6. The course is design to familiarize the students to the rise of the United States from its humble beginning as a British colony to the major world power.
  7. To familiarize the students with the major historical changes in North East India from 1824-1972.

Course Outcome

  1. The Syllabus prescribe by the University is design in such a way to provide the students with the major historical developments in the world, country and region. This will enable future of the Nation to steer the future keeping in minds to rectify the mistakes of the past.
  2. Students who aspire to compete in Civil Services and other competitive examination, the knowledge of history will become handy providing an extra competitive edge to others.
  3. The course is designed to raise the level of historical curiosity among the students. This will help the students who are interested in the field of historical research and teaching.
  4. With the growing interest in historical knowledge, the students trained in the history of the region can be the best tourist guide to people who seek to know more about the history of the region.
Faculty Profile:
Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation Year of Joining
1. Shri. Jubor Sing S .Nongrum M.A. Asisstant Professor 2008
2. Km. Pynshai.L. Syngkrem M.A. Assistant Professor 2011
3. Km. Starlimon. Suting M.A. Assistant Professor 2018
3. Post Vacant      
Department Activities
  1. Students Semester.
  2. 2. Study Tour.