Department of Khasi

Khasi is the language that is spoken in the districts of Khasi and Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya State. It belongs to the Austro-Asiatic group of languages. Speakers of Khasi Language can also be found in the pockets of some districts in Bangladesh.

The objective of introducing Khasi as a subject in the college is to instill and improve the knowledge, interest and understanding of the Khasi society about its language. The aspiration and hope of the society to preserve its language, culture and literature will not be possible until and unless Khasi is taught and introduced as a subject right from the primary school to the university level. As one of the colleges in Meghalaya with the aim to preserve Khasi language and culture, Nongtalang college have taken the right step by introducing Khasi right from the time of its establishment in 1988.

The first lecturer to teach Khasi in the college was (L) Shri. Puramon S. Tariang. It was upgraded to the Honours course in 1999 under the headship of (L) Smt. B. Dhaimon Nongpoh. At present the department has 4 faculties.


B.A. Khasi

Course Structure:

Semester   Core Papers
1st Semester Paper-I Culture in Khasi Literature
2nd Semester Paper-II History of Khasi Literature
3rd Semester Paper-III Khasi Language Study
4th Semester MIL
Poetry, Drama, Fiction & Prose
Khasi Literary Criticism
5th Semester Paper-V
Khasi Drama
Khasi Fiction
6th Semester Paper-VII
Literature in Translation
Khasi Poetry


Name Qualification Desiganation Year of Joining
Dr. Solony Bareh MA (Double) B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET Assistant Proffessor 2000
Smt. Justna N. Kongwang M.A. Assistant Proffessor 2004
Smt. Datyna Mary Khonglah M.A Assistant Proffessor 2008
Smt. Elizabeth Shylla M.A., M.Phil Assistant Proffessor 2012


Extra Responsibilities of Khasi Department

  • Name of the Course : Khasi Traditional Music 2019 – 20
  • Date of Commencement: 15.10.2019
  • Number of students enrolled : 25 Nos.
  • Number of students who completed the course and was awarded Certificates – 8 Nos.
  • Date of Closing – 26.10.2020
  • Sponsoring Agency – RUSA Equity Initiative Scheme 2019-20