Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

An Internal Complaints Committee has been set up in order to prevent sexual harassment of employees and students in the College. The College has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards Sexual Harrassment and any cases and any incidents of Sexual Harrassment are to be brought to the notice of the Internal Complaints Committee. The Members of the ICC are as follows.


Sl. No. Name Contact No.
1. Ms. Justna Kongwang (Presiding Officer) +91 60091 22513
2. Ms. Kordor Salahe +91 93663 89609
3. Mr. Arness Mannar (Convener) +91 96127 11565
4. Ms. Rimica Manar (Student Member) +91 98628 39687
5. Ms. Synsharhok Ryngksai (Student Member) +91 81310 85193
6. Mr. Twinson Rymbui (NGO Member) +91 60093 58801


Minutes of the Internal Complaint Committee: